Our dedicated team of professional advisers offer advice and signposting to a range of funding providers. We also deliver training workshops in partnership with funding providers to help you understand the different types of finance and funding opportunities appropriate to your stage of business development growth.

There are many different kinds of funding available, and it can be rather confusing to navigate your way through what’s on offer. Call the Growth Hub and we will help you to identify what works for your business.

How we help you finance your business

An adviser will ask you a number of questions in order to understand your business. We will discuss with you the stage of business development in order to ascertain the amount of funds required and the types of funds being sought, for example loans, business angel equity investments, venture capital funding, social funding or grant funds.

The adviser will then draw on their knowledge to identify potential funding and financial resources for your business. This may take the form of European project funding or a Grantfinder search.

We will then provide you with the most appropriate information and/or links to resources and signpost you to other helpful contacts if necessary.

We will also make you aware of relevant training opportunities, workshops and networking events where you can learn from specialists and other Northamptonshire-based businesses.

We can also refer you to relevant local, national and EU grant funded business support and development programmes, making sure that your business gets the best available support.

The Business Finance Guide

The Business Finance Guide gives you an overview of the journey from start-up to growth and the different types of finance available at each stage.

Click here to download the Business Finance Guide

Business banking

Business banking Insight compares banking products using an impartial ratings system – click here to access the site.

European part-funded projects

We are currently running two projects which are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund:

  • Ready2Grow offers various levels of grant funding to eligible start-up and established SMEs across the county, and
  • Innovate Northamptonshire offers grants and vouchers to encourage research and expert collaboration to launch new products, processes, or services.

Contact us to find out whether these projects can help you to start or grow your business.