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Enterprise Academy Workshops

You will find a brief description of each workshop topic below:

Finance for Start Up

This 3 hours workshop takes you through the financial tools for a new business. Looking at pricing, budgeting, calculating break even points and how to develop a 12 month cash flow. The workshop will also explore some of the barriers and opportunities new businesses face when looking for finance.

Business Planning

This session follows on from the Self-Employment: Is It for Me? Workshop. We begin by covering quick tips when writing a business plan and provide a Business Plan template designed to draft and develop the business in writing. We go into more detail on the sections of a business plan (Business Description, Objectives, Business Idea, Organisation & Structure, Marketing & Sales and Finance).

Introduction to Social Media for Business

This workshop is 1 of our 2 digital themed sessions, we look at a number of different platforms and briefly what they do, how they work and the difference between using each platform on a personal and professional level. The aim of this workshop is to get the audience thinking about their social media marketing strategy, we introduce the concept of analytics behind most platforms, SEO and how you should use this to refine and improve your social media activity.

Introduction to Effective Websites for Business

In this workshop we look at how websites are effective/wide reaching tools for promotion, 24/7 shop window, using websites for e-commerce, promoting events/activities, educational and information sharing, registering a domain name and hosting information. We look at both DIY and using a website designer, the site layout, how to produce good quality copy, general best practise and cyber security.



“I’m very grateful for all the support and advice I received from Ruth. She helped to break down my business plan by assigning a few sections at a time so that it didn’t feel so overwhelming. I would see her once every week to show her my progress and ask for advice with anything I was stuck with and I always came away ready and confident to start the next lot of assigned tasks and sections of the business plan. Ruth also referred me to the best workshops to attend to by Ready2Grow to get the best information I needed for my business. She was always encouraging and I learnt lots throughout the process that I will take away with me in my steps as a new business owner.”
Robyn Hill, Ready2Grow Client


“My experience with Ready2Grow was the foundation I needed to get my business plan in motion. I was referred to Ruth Roan at Building Business Consultancy to act as a mentor during the process and I was given access to Ready2Grow workshops to learn more about how to start a business including but not limited to the promotional/marketing side of it, the financials and how to best utilise Social Media for business. All were very encouraging and informative and I learnt lots that I can now take away with me in my steps as a new business owner.”
Robyn Hill, Ready2Grow Client