Andrew Cook / Enterprise Adviser

Day to day:

What I most enjoy about working at NGH and Inspire2Enterprise is establishing and developing relationships with key decision makers and providing on-going support and advice to SMEs and Social Enterprises that are starting up or established and looking to diversify, become sustainable, grow or create social impact.

When it’s my turn to buy the biscuits, I’m choosing:

Waitrose generously coated milk chocolate shortcake biscuits currently £1.65 for 8!

The person I most admire is:

My Dad, Jack Cook left school at 14 with little or no qualifications and by the time he retired was the National Sales Manager – Grocery for Mars Limited. Having retired he joined the Small Firms Service as a Business Adviser specialising in Sales and Marketing and I always thought that was something I would enjoy and like to do later in my career.

In life, I’m inspired mostly by:

Sport and I think there is a close analogy between sport and business.

I like giving something back and living vicariously through the success of others by coaching and mentoring them. One of my favourite quotes is by Gary Player the retired South African professional golfer:

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.
We create success or failure on the course primarily by our thoughts.
As we all know… golf is a puzzle without an answer.”

A little known fact about me is:

I am a keen History Buff and have read most of the novels written by Bernard Cornwell and Patrick O’Brian. When I do finally retire I will catch up on the few that I have missed.