Aurel Nastase / Innovation Adviser

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Day to day, I:

Work closely with local businesses who plan to introduce a new product or service to the market or simply want to improve an existing product, service or process.

Our Diagnostic tool helps identify areas for improvement and this is where Innovate Northamptonshire can help local SMEs with workshops, Grants and Vouchers.

For me, the best part about working at the Growth Hub is:

Interacting with amazing men and women behind Northamptonshire’s innovative businesses from different sectors: automotive, logistics, creative, food and drink and all the way to nuclear decommissioning.

When it’s my turn to buy the biscuits, I’m choosing:

I could say pistachio macaroons but those are for special occasions, my every day biscuits would be custard creams.

The person I most admire is:

Elon Musk. Co-founded PayPal, owns Solar City, SpaceX and Tesla, his Hyperloop is bound to revolutionize transportation and his aim is to populate Mars.

This guy really thinks outside the box and his advice for entrepreneurs’ is somewhat different from other more conservative approaches: “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.”

In life, I’m inspired by:

People who pursue their dreams, everyday heroes who perform a small task in a great way or through their actions change our perception of reality.

Inventors, innovators and challengers of the status quo inspire me every day and it’s amazing when I have a chance to be part of their story.

A little known fact about me is:

I used to buy and sell used cars and my company failed within 6 months as I knew nothing about spotting faulty cars.

This taught me that when starting a business you should not concentrate on the possible revenue but start by doing something you love – this way it’s much easier to overcome obstacles and harder to give up.