Daniel Roberts / Data and Knowledge Management Executive

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Day to day, I:

Handle the data accumulated by the Growth Hub, translating it into useful information before disseminating it to the team via charts, dashboards and plain figures.

For me, the best part about working at the Growth Hub is:

Knowing that the reports and analysis I’m providing is trusted by peers and third party consumers alike.

When it’s my turn to buy the biscuits, I’m choosing:

Nothing. I’m aware my choices, when it comes to baked goods, is sub-par.

The person I most admire is:

No-one in particular, but I admire those who can push themselves and inspire others to betterment.

In life, I’m inspired by:

Early morning coffee. Nothing quite prepares you for the day ahead than a freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

A little known fact about me is:

I’m often testing my body’s capabilities in less than intelligent ways. For example, I finished a crate of 72 cans of Monster energy drink in two weeks, about 5 a day.