Malcolm Johnston / Head of Enterprise

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Day to day, I:

have overall responsibility for the Northamptonshire Growth Hub, the services we provide to individuals and businesses and for the part-funded projects we deliver on behalf of our partners, the University of Northampton and Northamptonshire County Council.

For me, the best part about working at the Growth Hub is: meeting the diverse range of business people we have in this county and seeing at first hand the fantastic businesses the growth hub team has helped to grow and thrive.

When it’s my turn to buy the biscuits, I’m choosing:

The Bourbon – a biscuit to suit all tastes! Surely, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t like a Bourbon biscuit?

The person I most admire is:

My father, he was a wonderful role model both as family man and as a business person.

In life, I’m inspired by:

Making a difference! We meet some fantastically passionate people with great ideas and achieving wonderful things. Our role is to help them to run their businesses better or to start their new ventures so it’s truly wonderful to meet some of those we’ve helped and see the businesses where we have had a real impact.

A little known fact about me is:

I nearly drowned in the Dead Sea! During a visit to Jordan, while other tourists all lay down and floated on the salt-rich water of the Dead Sea, I entered the water, lay down and proceeded to sink! I disappeared down under the water much to consternation of others around me and had to be rescued by an in-shore boat crewed by the Jordanian Army.

Apart from the real embarrassment, which I should say was mostly experienced by my wife and son because I couldn’t actually open my eyes for several hours, the taste of salt stayed in my mouth for days afterwards! Not to be recommended.